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Changes in This Release for Oracle Database SQL Tuning Guide

Part I SQL Performance Fundamentals

1 Introduction to SQL Tuning

2 SQL Performance Methodology

Part II Query Optimizer Fundamentals

3 SQL Processing

4 Query Optimizer Concepts

5 Query Transformations

Part III Query Execution Plans

6 Generating and Displaying Execution Plans

7 Reading Execution Plans

Part IV SQL Operators: Access Paths and Joins

8 Optimizer Access Paths

9 Joins

Part V Optimizer Statistics

10 Optimizer Statistics Concepts

11 Histograms

12 Configuring Options for Optimizer Statistics Gathering

13 Gathering Optimizer Statistics

14 Managing Extended Statistics

15 Controlling the Use of Optimizer Statistics

16 Managing Historical Optimizer Statistics

17 Transporting Optimizer Statistics

18 Analyzing Statistics Using Optimizer Statistics Advisor

Part VI Optimizer Controls

19 Influencing the Optimizer

20 Improving Real-World Performance Through Cursor Sharing

Part VII Monitoring and Tracing SQL

21 Monitoring Database Operations

22 Gathering Diagnostic Data with SQL Test Case Builder

23 Performing Application Tracing

Part VIII Automatic SQL Tuning

24 Managing SQL Tuning Sets

25 Analyzing SQL with SQL Tuning Advisor

26 Optimizing Access Paths with SQL Access Advisor

Part IX SQL Controls: Profiles and Plan Baselines

27 Managing SQL Profiles

28 Overview of SQL Plan Management

29 Managing SQL Plan Baselines

30 Migrating Stored Outlines to SQL Plan Baselines

A Guidelines for Indexes and Table Clusters