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Changes in This Release for Oracle Database XStream Guide

Part I XStream General Concepts and Use Cases

1 Introduction to XStream

2 General XStream Concepts

Part II XStream Out

3 XStream Out Concepts

4 Configuring XStream Out

5 Managing XStream Out

6 Monitoring XStream Out

7 Troubleshooting XStream Out

Part III XStream In

8 XStream In Concepts

9 Configuring XStream In

10 Managing XStream In

11 Monitoring XStream In

12 Troubleshooting XStream In

Part IV Oracle GoldenGate Capabilities in Oracle Database

13 Oracle GoldenGate Automatic Conflict Detection and Resolution

14 Oracle GoldenGate Procedural Replication


A Sample XStream Client Application

B XStream Out Restrictions

C XStream In Restrictions