8.6 Runtime Developer Toolbar

Use the Developer toolbar to quickly edit the current application or currently running page, or view session state.

When you run a application from App Builder and view a page, the Runtime Developer toolbar displays at the bottom of any editable running page.


The Runtime Developer toolbar only displays if the Availability, Status attribute on the Application Definition page is set to Available with Developer Toolbar


The Runtime Developer toolbar does not display on locked packaged applications pages or on jQuery Mobile Smartphone pages.

The Runtime Developer toolbar contains of the following controls:

  • Home links to the Workspace home page. See "Understanding the Workspace Home Page."

  • Application links to the Application home page. See "Understanding the App Builder Home Page."

  • Edit Page displays the currently running page ID.

  • Session links you to session state information for the current page. See "Viewing Session State."

  • View Debug displays the Debug reports. See "Viewing Session State."

  • Debug toggles the page between Debug and No Debug mode. See "Utilizing Debug Mode."

  • Page Info:

    • Show Layout Columns toggles between Show Layout Columns and Hide Layout Columns. This option only applies if a layout is used and that layout supports showing layout columns and the page has more than one column.

    • Show Page Timing displays the Page Performance Timing dialog. Click Copy to copy the data in table form and then paste it into another application. Click Clear to remove the current timing events.

  • Quick Edit enables developers to enter either Quick Edit mode or access Live Template Options.

    • Access Quick Edit Mode - Click Quick Edit and then select the desired component to instantly access the component in Page Designer. Press ESCAPE or click outside a component to exit quick edit mode.

    • Edit Live Template Options - Click Quick Edit and then move the mouse over the component for which you want to modify template options and click the Wrench icon in the upper right corner. See "Using Quick Edit to Modify Live Template Options."

    Theme Roller enables developers to easily customize the appearance of an application by selecting colors from color picker and setting values. Only displays for themes supporting Theme Roller. See "Using Theme Styles and Theme Roller."

  • Developer Toolbar Options displays on the far right and resembles a mechanical gear. Clicking Developer Toolbar Options to customize how the Runtime Developer Toolbar displays. Available controls include:

    • Auto Hide

    • Show Icons Only

    • Display Position (Top, Left, Bottom, Right)

About JavaScript Error Detection

If a page has one or more JavaScript errors, a red error button displays on the left side of the Runtime Developer toolbar. If you have enabled Auto Hide, the Runtime Developer toolbar displays indicating the error.

Click the red error button to view an alert dialog which explains you should view the Browser console. The red error button persists until error has been resolved, the Browser console is cleared, and you refresh the page.