This function is useful for item plug-in developers, to enhance screen reader usability of your item, specifically when that item is associated with an error on a page. This function is called as part of rendering of the item, where the main form element(s) are output. The returned WAI-ARIA attributes include:

  • aria-invalid="true" - Indicates the page item's current value is invalid. When the user is focused on the page item, the screen reader announces 'Invalid Entry' .

  • aria-describedby="[page_item_name]_error" - This attribute value matches up with the ID of a <div> tag containing the item's associated error message, enabling a screen reader to announce the actual error, when the user is focused on the page item.


Because these attributes only enhance screen reader usability, attributes are returned only if the current session is running in Screen Reader mode.


function get_aria_error_attributes (
    p_item_name     in varchar2 )
    return varchar2;


Table 10-8 GET_ARIA_ERROR_ATTRIBUTES Function Parameters

Parameter Description


The page item name. This value is available by using the name attribute of the apex_plugin.t_page_item record type, which is passed in as the 1st parameter to all item plug-in's Render Function Callback.


This example shows how this function can be used, in rendering a SELECT element, during processing of the Render Function callback for an item plug-in. This function returns additional attributes, if the page item has errors associated with it and if the user is running in Screen Reader mode.

        l_name := apex_plugin.get_input_name_for_page_item(false);
        sys.htp.prn('<select name="'" id="'||p_item.name||'" '||