28.96 REDIRECT_URL Procedure

This procedure calls owa_util.redirect_url to tell the browser to redirect to a new URL. Afterwards, it automatically calls apex_application.stop_apex_engine to abort further processing of the Application Express application.


    p_url              in varchar2,
    p_reset_htp_buffer in boolean default true );


Table 28-80 REDIRECT_URL Parameters

Parameter Description


The URL the browser requests.


Set to TRUE to reset the HTP buffer to make sure the browser understands the redirect to the new URL and is not confused by data that is already written to the HTP buffer. Set to FALSE if the application has it's own cookie to use in the response.


The following example tells the browser to redirect to http://www.oracle.com and immediately stops further processing.

apex_util.redirect_url (
    p_url => 'http://www.oracle.com/' );