2.22 SET_KEEP_SESSIONS Procedure

This procedure preserves sessions associated with the application on upgrades.


procedure set_keep_sessions (
    p_keep_sessions in boolean );


Table 2-7 SET_KEEP_SESSIONS Parameters

Parameter Description


false is the default value.true if sessions should be preserved, false if they should be deleted. KEEP_SESSIONS_ON_UPGRADE controls the default behavior. If it is N (the default), sessions will be deleted. KEEP_SESSIONS_ON_UPGRADE is an instance parameter.


The following example installs application 100 in workspace FRED_PROD and keep session state.

SQL> exec apex_application_install.set_workspace(p_workspace => 'FRED_PROD');
SQL> exec apex_application_install.set_keep_sessions(p_keep_sessions => true);
SQL> @f100.sql