28.120 SET_SECURITY_GROUP_ID Procedure

Use this procedure with apex_util.find_security_group_id to ease the use of the mail package in batch mode. This procedure is especially useful when a schema is associated with more than one workspace. For example, you might want to create a procedure that is run by a nightly job to email all outstanding tasks.


    p_security_group_id  IN NUMBER);


Table 28-104 SET_SECURITY_GROUP_ID Parameters

Parameter Description


This is the security group id of the workspace you are working in.


The following example sends an alert to each user that has had a task assigned within the last day.

create or replace procedure new_tasks
    l_workspace_id      number;
    l_subject           varchar2(2000);
    l_body              clob;
    l_body_html         clob;
    l_workspace_id := apex_util.find_security_group_id (p_workspace => 'PROJECTS');
    apex_util.set_security_group_id (p_security_group_id => l_workspace_id);
    l_body := ' ';
    l_subject := 'You have new tasks';
    for c1 in (select distinct(p.email_address) email_address, p.user_id
                 from teamsp_user_profile p, teamsp_tasks t
                where p.user_id = t.assigned_to_user_id
                  and t.created_on > sysdate - 1
                  and p.email_address is not null ) loop
        l_body_html := '<p />The following tasks have been added.';
        for c2 in (select task_name, due_date
                     from teamsp_tasks
                    where assigned_to_user_id = c1.user_id
                      and created_on > sysdate - 1 ) loop
            l_body_html := l_body_html || '<p />Task: '||c2.task_name||', due '||c2.due_date;
        end loop;
apex_mail.send (
            p_to        => c1.email_address,
            p_from      => c1.email_address,
            p_body      => l_body,
            p_body_html => l_body_html,
            p_subj      => l_subject );
    end loop;