What's New

This section summarizes the new features of Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Release 18.1 that are documented in this guide. It provides links to more information.

New features in Release

  • The ACTION, CLIENT_INFO, and MODULE parameters have been added to the SYS_CONTEXT function. See "SYS_CONTEXT" for more information.

  • These scalar functions are supported:

    • ACOS: See "ACOS" for information.

    • ASIN: See "ASIN" for information.

    • ATAN: See "ATAN" for information.

    • ATAN2: See "ATAN2" for information.

    • COS: See "COS" for information.

    • COSH: See "COSH" for information.

    • EXP: See "EXP" for information.

    • LN: See "LN" for information.

    • LOG: See "LOG" for information.

    • SIN: See "SIN" for information.

    • SINH: See "SINH" for information.

    • TAN: See "TAN" for information.

    • TANH: See "TANH" for information.

  • The syntax for table name in the SELECT statement allows optional parenthesis. This is also true for the SELECT clause of the INSERT...SELECT and CREATE TABLE AS SELECT statements. See "TableSpec" for details.

New features in Release

You can use the PLSQL_SESSION_CACHED_CURSORS clause in the ALTER SESSION statement to specify the number of session cursors to cache. See "ALTER SESSION" for details.

New features in Release

In TimesTen Scaleout, you can specify the TT_DMLCommitOnSuccess hint to enable or disable a commit operation as part of DML execution. See "TT_CommitDMLOnSuccess optimizer hint" for more information. Also see "Using the TT_CommitDMLOnSuccess hint" in the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Scaleout User's Guide.

New features in Release

  • TimesTen Scaleout enables you to distribute data across instances in the grid in a highly available manner. There are three distribution schemes used for tables to distribute data:




    See "CREATE TABLE" for more information.

  • There are considerations when you ALTER a table in TimesTen Scaleout. See "ALTER TABLE" for more information.

  • The DISTRIBUTE BY HASH clause is supported in the CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW statement in TimesTen Scaleout. See "CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW" for more information.

  • The ALTER SEQUENCE statement and the BATCH clause of the CREATE SEQUENCE statement are supported in TimesTen Scaleout. See "CREATE SEQUENCE" and "ALTER SEQUENCE" for more information.

  • The TT_GridQueryExecute and TT_PartialResult optimizer hints are supported in TimesTen Scaleout. See "TT_GridQueryExec optimizer hint" and "TT_PartialResult optimizer hint" for more information.

  • There are ROWID changes for TimesTen Scaleout. See "ROWID pseudocolumn" for more information.

  • The elementId#, replicaSetId#, and dataspaceId# pseudocolumns are supported in TimesTen Scaleout. See "Pseudocolumns in TimesTen Scaleout".

  • The elementIdCompute function is supported in TimesTen Scaleout. See "ELEMENTIDCOMPUTE" for more information.

  • The SQL statements that are supported in TimesTen are summarized in table format. See "Summary of SQL statements supported in TimesTen" for more information.

  • Bitwise functions are supported. See "Bitwise functions" for more information.

  • The return result type for the COUNT and SUM (integer data types) aggregate functions have been changed from TT_INTEGER to TT_BIGINT. See "COUNT" and "SUM" for more information.

  • COLUMNAR and DISTRIBUTE are reserved words. See Chapter 8, "Reserved Words" for more information.