Setup and Prerequisites

This section covers how to set up the required SSH keys to work with the OCI SDKs and developer toolkits as well as how to configure your SDKs.

What's included:

SDK Breaking Changes & Previous Version Support

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure will sometimes make a breaking change to an SDK. Breaking changes are documented in the changelog file included with each SDK distribution and on GitHub (for example, the Java SDK changelog is available here).

If you are unable to migrate to the next version of the SDK due to a breaking change, OCI will provide a patched version of any SDK version released within the past year if the next version introduces a breaking change. These patches are limited to high severity bugs in the SDK and security fixes, such as data corruption issues or upgrading a third-party package from a version with security vulnerabilities to a version where such vulnerabilities have been fixed.

To request a patched version of an SDK, contact support or file a ticket in the SDK's GitHub repository (for example, the GitHub issues page for the SDK for Java can be found here).