CLI Environment Variables

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI supports the use of environment variables to specify default values for some options.

Environment Variables

The following table lists the available environment variables and their corresponding CLI options or ~/.oci/config entries.

Environment Variable CLI option OCI config entry Description
OCI_CLI_PROFILE --profile Specified by [DEFAULT] The profile in the OCI config file to load. This profile will also be used to locate any default parameter values which have been specified in the OCI CLI-specific configuration file.
OCI_CLI_USER n/a user

The OCID of the user calling the API. To get the value, see Required Keys and OCIDs.

Example: ocid1.user.oc1..<unique_ID>

OCI_CLI_REGION --region region

An Oracle Cloud Infrastructure region. See Regions and Availability Domains.

Example: us-ashburn-1

OCI_CLI_FINGERPRINT n/a fingerprint

The fingerprint for the public key that was added to this user. To get the value, see Required Keys and OCIDs.

Example: 20:3b:97:13:55:1c:5b:0d:d3:37:d8:50:4e:c5:3a:34

OCI_CLI_KEY_FILE n/a key_file

The full path and filename of the private key.

Important: The key pair must be in PEM format. For instructions on generating a key pair in PEM format, see Required Keys and OCIDs.

If you encrypted the key with a passphrase, you must also include the pass_phrase entry in the config file.

Example: ~/.oci/oci_api_key.pem

OCI_CLI_TENANCY n/a tenancy

The OCID of your tenancy. To get the value, see Required Keys and OCIDs.

Example: ocid1.tenancy.oc1..<unique_ID>

OCI_CLI_ENDPOINT --endpoint n/a

The value to use as the service endpoint, including any required API version path.



The --region parameter is the recommended way of targeting different regions.

This value can also be set in the OCI CLI-specific configuration file. See Configuring the CLI for more information.

OCI_CLI_CONFIG_FILE --config-file n/a The path to the OCI config file.
OCI_CLI_RC_FILE --cli-rc-file n/a The path to the OCI CLI-specific configuration file, containing parameter default values and other configuration information such as command aliases and predefined queries. See Configuring the CLI for more information.
OCI_CLI_CERT_BUNDLE --cert-bundle n/a The full path to a CA certificate bundle to be used for SSL verification.
OCI_CLI_AUTH --auth n/a

The type of auth to use for the API request. By default the API key in your config file will be used.

Accepted values are: api_key, instance_obo_user, instance_principal, resource_principal, security_token

OCI_CLI_SECURITY_TOKEN_FILE n/a security_token_file The location of the file used for token-based authentication for the CLI.

Order of precedence

The CLI respects and applies configurations specified by option, environment variable, or OCI config file entry in the following order of precedence:

  1. The value specified in the command option.
  2. The value specified in the environment variable.
  3. The value specified in the OCI config file.