Listeners for Load Balancers

Use listeners to check for incoming traffic on the load balancer's IP address.

A listener is a logical entity that checks for incoming traffic on the load balancer's IP address. To handle TCP, HTTP, and HTTPS traffic, you must configure at least one listener per traffic type. When you create a listener, you must ensure that your VCN's security rules allow the listener to accept traffic.


To accommodate high-volume traffic, we recommend that you use stateless security rules for your load balancer subnets. See Stateful Versus Stateless Rules for more information.

You can have one SSL certificate bundle per listener. You can configure two listeners, one each for ports 443 and 8443, and associate SSL certificate bundles with each listener. For more information about SSL certificates for load balancers, see SSL Certificates.

Click Listeners under Resources in the load balancer's Details page to display the Listeners page. This page contains a button for creating listeners.

You can perform the following listener management tasks: