Changing a Load Balancer's Bandwidth Shape

Describes how to change a load balancer's bandwidth shape.

If you are not an Always Free user, you can adjust the size of the bandwidth to one of the other predefined sizes.


Always Free users cannot change the bandwidth of a load balancer. Upgrade to a different account if you want to increase your bandwidth size.

    1. Open the navigation menu, click Networking, and then click Load Balancers.

    2. Select the Compartment from the list.

      All load balancers and network load balancers in that compartment are listed in tabular form.

    3. (optional) Select a State from the list to limit the load balancers displayed to that state.

    4. (optional) Uncheck Network Load Balancer under Type to only display load balancers.

    5. Click the load balancer whose bandwidth you want to change.

      The selected load balancer's Details page appears.

    6. Click Update Shape.

      The Update Shape dialog box appears. The options displayed vary on what type of existing bandwidth size option you are using.

      • Changing a flexible shape: Enter the values for the Minimum Bandwidth and Maximum Bandwidth shape sizes you want changed.


        Using flexible bandwidth shapes for Government accounts can result in overages if the pre-paid shape sizes are exceeded.

        If you want to specify a dynamic shape size, for example 500 Mbps, set the minimum and maximum sliders to the same value.

      • Changing a dynamic shape: Select the new bandwidth of the load balancer from the Choose Shape Size list. The existing bandwidth size of the load balancer is unavailable to select.

        You can switch from a dynamic shape size to a flexible shape by checking the Use a Flexible Load Balancer option and specifying your shape size using the minimum and maximum sliders (see Changing a flexible shape).


        After you have switched to a flexible shape, you cannot revert to a dynamic shape.

    7. Click Save Changes.

      Changing the bandwidth size of the load balancer requires resetting all existing sessions of the load balancer.

    8. Click Confirm to continue.

      The Details page reappears.

  • Use the oci lb load-balancer update-load-balancer-shape command and required parameters to change a load balancer's bandwidth shape:

    oci lb load-balancer update-load-balancer-shape --load-balancer-id load_balancer_id --shape-name shape_name [OPTIONS]

    For a complete list of flags and variable options for CLI commands, see the Command Line Reference.

  • Run the UpdateLoadBalancerShape operation to change the bandwidth of a load balancer.