The Subscriptions page provides subscriptions detail, usage information, billing schedule, and rate card  information.

Viewing Subscriptions

To view subscriptions, open the navigation menu and click Billing & Cost Management. Under Billing, click Subscriptions.

The Subscriptions page lists all current and past Infrastructure and Applications subscriptions associated with your cloud account.


See Deleting Your Account for more information on billing impact and deleting a cloud account.

Click a subscription to view the Subscription information details page.

  • For Infrastructure subscriptions, you can review your usage, billing schedule, and rate card information.
  • For Applications subscriptions, you can see service details and usage metrics.

Credit quantity and Fulfilled value are 0 for a Pay As You Go subscription, because there's no committed amount, and you're paying for what you use. For customers in monthly/annual commit plans, however, the billing schedule line entries add up to the value in these fields.

On the Subscriptions page, the following information fields are displayed:

Column Description
Name ID and name of the subscription. Click the link to open the Subscription information page.

The subscription type, which can be Infrastructure or Applications:

  • Infrastructure: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Universal Credit Model subscriptions. View usage, billing schedule, and rate card information.
  • Applications: Pertains to all SaaS Applications services. View service details and usage metrics.
Status Status of the subscription.
  • Awaiting fulfillment
  • Awaiting customer activation
  • Fulfillment complete
  • Active
  • Terminated
  • Canceled
  • Suspended
Start Date (UTC) The subscription start date according to the UTC time zone.
Renewal Date (UTC) The subscription end date according to the UTC time zone.
Total contract value The total contract value in your local currency.