Listing Budgets

List all the budgets in a tenancy in Billing and Cost Management.

    1. Open the navigation menu and click Billing & Cost Management. Under Cost Management, click Budgets.

    2. Under Budget Scope, select the types of budget to display: Compartment, Tag, or both.

      All budgets within the scope that you selected are listed.

      The Budgets page lists both Monthly and Custom (non-recurring) budget types, while the Status field indicates whether a budget is Active, Scheduled, or Expired.

  • Use the oci budgets budget list command and required parameters to list the budgets in the tenancy:

    oci budgets budget list --compartment-id compartment_ocid [OPTIONS]

    For a complete list of parameters and variable options for CLI commands, see the Command Line Reference.

  • Run the ListBudgets operation to list the budgets in the tenancy.