Connecting to a Block Volume

Connect to a block volume that's attached to a compute instance.

To connect to a volume, you must first attach the volume to the instance. See Attaching a Block Volume to an Instance. The steps to connect depend on the volume attachment type, paravirtualized or iSCSI. For more information about attachment type options, see Volume Attachment Types.

Paravirtualized-Attached Volumes

For volumes attached with Paravirtualized as the volume attachment type, you don't need to perform any additional steps after attaching the volumes; they're connected automatically. However, for Linux-based images, if you want to mount these volumes when the instance starts, you need to perform additional configuration steps:

iSCSI-Attached Volumes

For volumes attached with iSCSI as the volume attachment type, you need to connect and mount the volume from the instance for the volume to be usable. See Connecting to iSCSI-Attached Block Volumes.


When you attach a volume using an iSCSI attachment type, you can optionally specify that the Block Volume Management plugin should run the iSCSI commands to connect to the volume. See step 9 in Attaching a Volume. If you select this option, you don't need to perform the steps to connect to and log in to iSCSI for the volume on the instance.