Developing with the Compute Service

You can use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure developer resources to perform tasks programmatically with the Compute service.

The following developer resources apply to Compute:

  • Core services: Covers most compute resources, including instances, shapes, and images; compute management resources such as instance pools; and resources that are not covered in the other references. The Core Services API also covers Networking and Block Volume.
  • Autoscaling: Autoscaling lets you automatically adjust the number or the lifecycle state of compute instances in an instance pool.
  • Compute instance agent (Oracle Cloud Agent): Oracle Cloud Agent is a lightweight process that manages plugins running on compute instances. Plugins collect performance metrics, install OS updates, and perform other instance management tasks.
  • Work requests: Many of the API operations that you use to create and configure cloud resources do not take effect immediately. In these cases, the operation spawns an asynchronous workflow to fulfill the request. Work requests provide visibility into the status of these in-progress, long-running workflows.

APIs for Compute

These are the API references for Compute:

CLIs for Compute

These are the CLI references for Compute:

SDKs, DevOps Tools, and Other Resources

For information about other programmatic resources that you can use to work with Compute, including SDKs, DevOps tools and plugins such as Terraform, and Cloud Shell, see Developer Guide.