Updating Cluster Properties

Find out how to modify properties of existing Kubernetes clusters you've created using Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE).

You can use Container Engine for Kubernetes to modify the properties of existing Kubernetes clusters.

You can change:

  • the name of a cluster
  • the number of node pools in a cluster by adding new node pools, or deleting existing node pools
  • the version of Kubernetes to run on control plane nodes
  • the enforcement of pod security policies
  • access details for a cluster's Kubernetes API endpoint
  • some properties of node pools and worker nodes (see Modifying Node Pool and Worker Node Properties)

However, note that you cannot change the master encryption key (if specified when the cluster was created).

Also note that you must not change the auto-generated names of resources that Container Engine for Kubernetes has created (such as the names of worker nodes).

You can modify the properties of a cluster using the Console, the CLI and the API. See Updating a Cluster.