Tagging Kubernetes Cluster-Related Resources

Find out about tagging cluster-related resources you create using Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE).

You can use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tags to organize, control, manage, and report on cloud resources used by the Kubernetes clusters you create with Container Engine for Kubernetes. Tagging enables you to group disparate resources across compartments, and also enables you to annotate resources with your own metadata.

Typically, you'll find tagging useful for:

  • Resource tracking: For example, to:

    • report all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources (compute instances, load balancers, block volumes) associated with a Kubernetes cluster
    • apply application-specific tags to load balancers and block volumes to track resources for a given application running in a cluster
  • Cost tracking: For example, to obtain detailed cost reports for the running of Kubernetes clusters by application, or by line of business.

  • Authorization grouping: For example, to authorize managed nodes to access a designated object storage bucket (using instance principals for worker nodes as part of a node pool dynamic group tag).

For more information about using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tags with Container Engine for Kubernetes, see: