Delegating a Public DNS Zone

In this step, delegate  the domain  with a registrar. Delegating a domain with the domain's registrar makes the OCI hosted zone  accessible through the internet.

See Overview of DNS and Public DNS for more information.

Using the Console

  1. Open the navigation menu and click Networking. Under DNS management, click Zones.
  2. Click the Zone Name for the zone you want to delegate. The zone details page appears.
  3. In Resources, click Records. A list of records appear.
  4. Use the Type sort filter to find the NS records for the zone.
  5. Note the name servers in the RDATA  field within each NS record.
  6. You can use the noted name servers to change the domain's DNS delegation. See the registrar's documentation for instructions.

    After delegation has completed, it can take 24 hours for delegation to propagate across the internet.

Using the Domain Information Groper (dig) command line tool, you can test against the delegation  where the domain  is hosted, and you can immediately see whether the change took place without accounting for the cache or TTL (Time to Live) that you have configured.

For more information on using dig to test DNS, see Testing DNS Using BIND'S dig Tool.