Shipping Import Disks

Ship phase indicator for disk transfer

This topic describes the tasks associated with shipping the import disk containing the copied data to Oracle. The Infrastructure Engineer role typically performs these tasks. See Roles and Responsibilities.

Disconnecting the Transfer Disk from the Data Host

Do not disconnect the import disk until you copy all files from the Data Host and generate the manifest file. See Copying the Data to the Import Disk for more information.

Printing Shipping Labels

You should receive the shipping labels electronically from the Project Sponsor. Print them on the appropriate labels for shipping the import disk. See Getting Shipping Labels for more information.

Packaging and Shipping the Import Disk


Include the required return shipping label in the box when packaging the import disk for shipment.


If you do not include the return shipping label inside the box, Oracle cannot process the transfer package.

Ensure that the transfer job and transfer package label are clearly readable on the outside of the box containing the import disk.


If you are shipping transfer disks to London or Frankfurt, request that the shipping vendor requires a signature delivery.

Listing Disk Delivery Vendors

You can view the vendors available for delivery of your import disk to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


  • Available vendors for transfer disk delivery to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can vary over time. Have the latest version of the Data Transfer Utility installed to view the current list.

  • You can only use the Data Transfer Utility to lock an transfer disk.

To list the vendors available for delivering the transfer disk to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

At the command prompt on the Data Host, run dts package list-delivery-vendors to list the available delivery vendors.

dts package list-delivery-vendors
Delivery Vendors : 
  [1] : FedEx
  [2] : DHL
  [3] : UPS

Shipping Import Disks Internationally

Create a commercial invoice when shipping transfer disks internationally. To ensure that packages are not held up in customs, follow these guidelines when creating the commercial invoice:

  • Show a unique reference number.

  • Show the "bill-to party" as follows:

    • For shipments to the European Union (Frankfurt) location:

      ORACLE Deutschland B.V. & Co. KG Riesstrasse 25 Munich, 80992 GERMANY

    • For shipments to the United States location:

      Oracle America, Inc. 500 Oracle Parkway REDWOOD CITY CA 94065 UNITED STATES.

    • Show the "ship-to party" as the address provided in the transfer package details. See Getting Shipping Labels for details.

    • State that "The value shown includes the value of software and data recorded onto the hard drive unit."

    • State that the "Goods are free of charge - no payment required."

    • State that the type of export is "Temporary."

    • Ensure that the commodity code shows the correct HS code for a hard drive unit as specified in the source country's HS code list.

    • State the description as the manufacture's description of the hard drive unit and include the words "Hard Disk Drive."

    • Ensure that the invoice is signed and includes the printed name of the signer.