Remote Cloning a PDB

You can use this method only if the on-premises platform is little endian, the on-premises database release is or higher, and the on-premises database and Database service database have compatible database character sets and national character sets.

You can use the remote cloning method to copy a PDB from your on-premises Oracle Database 12c database to a PDB in an Oracle Database 12c database on the Database service.

Migration Tasks

To migrate an Oracle Database 12c PDB to a PDB in a Database service database deployment using the remote cloning method, you perform these tasks:

  1. On the on-premises database host, invoke SQL*Plus and close the on-premises PDB and then reopen it in READ ONLY mode.

  2. On the Database service compute node, invoke SQL*Plus and create a database link that enables a connection to the on-premises database.

  3. On the Database service compute node, execute the CREATE PLUGGABLE DATABASE command to clone the on-premises PDB.

  4. On the Database compute node, open the new PDB by executing the ALTER PLUGGABLE DATABASE OPEN command.

  5. Optionally, on the on-premises database host invoke SQL*Plus and set the on-premises PDB back to READ WRITE mode.

For more information, see "Cloning a Remote PDB or Non-CDB" in Oracle Database Administrator's Guide for Release 12.2 or 12.1.