Creating an Approved Sender

Learn how to create an approved sender who can send emails using the OCI Email Delivery service.

An approved sender must be set up for all "From:" addresses sending mail through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, or mail is rejected. An approved sender is associated with a compartment and only exists in the region where the approved sender was configured. That's, if you create an approved sender in the US West (Phoenix) region, you can't send email through the US East (Ashburn) region with that sender.

Best Practices: Approved senders must not be created in the root compartment. If approved senders exist in the root compartment, you're required to create a policy to manage approved senders in the entire tenant. Creating approved senders in a compartment other than the root ensures that the policy is specific to that compartment.

Use of multiple addresses in the email From header is discouraged. If you use multiple addresses, it increases the possibility that your mail is placed in a spam folder or discarded (because of DMARC From alignment rules). The performance of your emails is reduced because all addresses have to be authorized as approved senders. A best practice for the SMTP envelope From address is to match the header From address when you submit mail to Email Delivery. If you use mismatched addresses, it reduces the performance of your emails because both addresses need to be authorized as approved senders. Certain future platform features will not be available if you use mismatched addresses.

Using the Console

  1. Open the navigation menu and click Developer Services. Under Application Integration, click Email Delivery. Under Email Delivery, click Approved Senders. Ensure that you are in the correct compartment. Your user must be in a group with permissions to manage approved-senders in this compartment.
  2. Click Create Approved Sender within the Approved Senders view.
  3. Enter the email address that you want to list as an approved sender in the Add Sender dialog box.
  4. Click Add. The email address is added to your approved senders list.

Approved senders are unique to regions. If you try to create a duplicate approved sender within a region, the service returns a 409 Conflict error.

When an approved sender is created, it might not be immediately available for use. To work around this specific issue, we recommend that you create an approved sender and try to immediately use it. If an SMTP authorization failure occurs, perform a retry with backoff.

To send email from many addresses with the same domain:
  1. Configure DKIM for the domain providing authorization to send from the domain.
  2. When DKIM is active, create the approved sender

If DKIM isn't active, you can't create the approved sender.