Generate SMTP Credentials for a User

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) credentials are necessary to send email through Email Delivery. Each user is limited to a maximum of two SMTP credentials. If more than two are required, SMTP credentials must be generated on other existing users or more users must be created.

A security best practice is to generate SMTP credentials for a new user instead of your Console user that already has permissions assigned to it. For detailed instructions on creating a user, see Adding Users. The new user must be assigned to a group with permissions to manage the email-family resources. For example:

Allow group <senders group name> to use email-family in compartment <compartment name>

Where <senders group name> is the group this new user has been assigned to and <compartment name> is the name of the compartment which contains the approved senders that will use these credentials for sending. The policy to use email-family ensures that the user has the necessary access to all Email resources and not just approved senders. When attempting to send email, the SMTP error "535 Authorization failed: Envelope From address <approved-sender> not authorized" indicates that either the approved sender does not exist, the "use email-family" policy does not specify the compartment containing the approved sender, or the user with the SMTP credentials is not in a group with the "use email-family" policy.

Using the Console

To generate SMTP credentials for a user
  1. View the user's details:
    • If you're generating SMTP credentials for yourself:

      Open the Profile menu (User menu icon) and click User Settings.

    • If you're an administrator generating SMTP credentials for another user: Open the navigation menu and click Identity & Security. Under Identity, click Users. Locate the user in the list, and then click the user's name to view the details.
  2. Click SMTP Credentials.
  3. Click Generate SMTP Credentials.

  4. Enter a Description of the SMTP Credentials in the dialog box.
  5. Click Generate SMTP Credentials. A user name and password is displayed.
  6. Copy the user name and password for your records and click Close. Copy the credentials immediately, because you can't retrieve the password again after closing the dialog box for security reasons.

    If you're an administrator creating the credential set for another user, you need to securely deliver it to the user by providing it verbally, printing it out, or sending it through a secure email service.