Validating an Events Rule

Validate a rule in Events to ensure that it operates correctly.

You can evaluate a rule against only one event type at a time. Repeat as necessary to test different event types. For more information, see Matching Events with Filters and Contents of an Event Message.

Using the Console

  1. Open the navigation menu and click Observability & Management. Under Events Service, click Rules.
  2. Click the name of the rule that you want to validate. If you don’t see the rule that you want, verify that the correct compartment is selected.

    The rule details page appears.

  3. Click Validate Rule.

    The Validate Rule dialog box appears.

  4. Perform one of the following actions: 
    • If there are no event types in the rule, select the service and event type you want to test.

    • If you want to test a different event type than the one selected by default, select the service and event type that you want to test.

    • If you added attribute values or filter tags to the rule, edit the example data in the event to match the values in your rule.

  5. Click Check if Example Event Matches Rule.
  6. When you finish validating the rule, click Close.