Cloning a File System Doesn't Replicate File System Data

Find out why cloning is not suitable for data replication of file systems for data protection purposes, and what to do instead.

Problem: You want to use the cloning feature to replicate a file system in another location in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for data protection purposes.

More information: File system clones are not a data protection or replication solution. There are two reasons for this:
  • Clones can only be created in the same availability domain as the parent file system. You can't specify a target location for a file system clone.
  • Creating a clone doesn't replicate or move any data from the parent to the clone. Instead, the clone references the parent file system for any data they share.

Solution: You can use File Storage Parallel Tools to copy or sync your file system data between locations.

The toolkit includes:
  • partar: Use this command to create and extract tarballs in parallel.
  • parrm: You can use this command to recursively remove a directory in parallel.
  • parcp: Use this command to recursively copy a directory in parallel.

See Using File Storage Parallel Tools for installation instructions and example commands for common data protection operations.