Mounted File System No Longer Accessible

Symptom: A file system that was previously mounted and available is no longer accessible.

Cause: The file system's mount target or export was deleted.

More Information: File systems are made available to the network using an associated mount target. An export controls how NFS clients access the file systems when they connect to the mount target. A file system needs at least one export in an associated mount target to be available for mounting. Deleting a mount target or an export of a file system makes the file system unavailable.

Even if the file system is exported through multiple mount targets, any instance that uses the deleted mount target or export information to mount the file system loses access. See Managing Mount Targets.

Solution: Re-create the mount target and a new export for the file system.

  1. Follow these instructions to re-create the mount target and export: To create an export for a file system.
  2. If the mount target still exists, choose Select an Existing Mount Target. If the mount target has been deleted, choose Create a New Mount Target.
  3. If you're re-creating the mount target, you can re-use the same name, IP address, and hostname information as the old mount target. Click on Advanced Options to set the IP address and hostname.