Removing File Locks from a Host that is No Longer Available

The File Storage service supports the removal of file locks from any file system.

To request the removal of file locks on a file system:

  1. Go to My Oracle Support and sign in.

    If you are not signed in directly to Oracle Cloud Support, click Switch to Cloud Support at the top of the page.

  2. Click Service Requests.
  3. Click Create Technical SR.
  4. Select the following from the displayed menus:
    • Service Type: Select Oracle Cloud Infrastructure File Storage from the list.
    • Service Name: Select the appropriate option for your organization.
    • Problem Type: Select Locking or Unlocking from 2. Managing and Mounting File Systems.
  5. Enter a Description, and then enter the following required fields specific to your issue. For most Oracle Cloud Infrastructure issues you need to include the OCID (Oracle Cloud Identifier) for each resource you need help with. See Locating Oracle Cloud Infrastructure IDs for instructions on finding these.
    • Tenancy OCID

    • File System OCID

    • Mount Target OCID

    • Host IP Address

    For help with any of the general fields in the service request or for information on managing your service requests, click Help at the top of the Oracle Cloud Support page.