File System Appears Empty After Instance Reboot

Symptom: After a rebooting an instance, the file system appears empty.

Cause: The file system was not automatically remounted after the reboot.

More Information: The rpcbind and nfslock services don't automatically start at reboot by default.

  1. Add the file system to the instance /etc/fstab file, so the file system is automatically remounted after reboot.
    1. See To auto-mount a file system for instructions.
  2. Set the rpcbind and nfslock services to start automatically on every reboot.
    1. Use the following commands to start the rpcbind and nfslock services:
      $service rpcbind start
      $service nfslock start
    2. Verify that the rpcbind and nfslock services are running:
      $service rpcbind status
      $service nfslock status
    3. Enable the services to start automatically at reboot:
      $chkconfig rpcbind on
      $chkconfig nfslock on