Access to File System is Denied Due to Stale File Handle

Symptom: Access to a file system fails with a message: stale file handle. For example:
[root@example]# /mnt/MyFileSystem
[root@example]# ls -l
ls: cannot access dbclient: Stale file handle

Cause: This issue happens when an application opens or creates a file, deletes and closes it, and then attempts to access or delete the same file again.

Solution1: Restart the application.

Solution 2: If Solution 1 doesn't solve the issue, unmount and re-mount the file system. This might require using the -f flag in the umount command. For example:
sudo umount -f 10.x.x.x:/fs-export-path /mnt/yourmountpoint
sudo mount 10.x.x.x:/fs-export-path /mnt/yourmountpoint

If the unmount command fails with the message device busy, see Cannot Unmount a File System: Device is Busy for a solution to this problem.

Solution 3: If the first two solutions don't solve the issue, reboot the instance.