File and folder names that use non-ANSI characters are garbled

Symptom: File and folder names that use non-ANSI character sets are garbled when the file system is mounted in Windows.

Cause: Currently, a limitation exists when viewing non-ANSI characters in Windows NFS client v.3. File Storage uses NFS v.3 with the lang=ANSI option by default. Characters in other encodings don't appear correctly.

Solution: Use the -o lang option to specify the character encoding of the file system. Refer to the mount documentation for a list of acceptable values. For example:

 C:\> mount -o lang=<character_encoding_value> \\<IP_address>\export <drive_letter>:

The following command mounts the file system with lang=EUC-JP to display Japanese characters correctly:

 C:\> mount -o lang=EUC-JP \\IP_address\export drive_letter:

Limitations and considerations for this solution:

  1. This solution only works with Windows operating systems. Operating systems such as Linux use UTF-8 encoding.
  2. This solution can cause issues with Universal Naming Convention (UNC) paths. For example, \\server_name\folder_name\file_name.