Create Compartments to Own Network Resources and Oracle Functions Resources in the Tenancy, if they don't exist already

Before users can start using Oracle Functions to create and deploy functions, as a tenancy administrator you have to create:

  • a compartment to own network resources (a VCN, a public or private subnet, and other resources such as an internet gateway or service gateway, a route table, security lists)
  • a compartment to own function-related resources (functions, applications)

Note that the same compartment can own both network resources and function-related resources. Alternatively, you can create two separate compartments for network resources and function-related resources.

If suitable compartments already exist, there's no need to create new ones.

To create a compartment to own network resources and/or function-related resources in the tenancy:

  1. Log in to the Console as a tenancy administrator.
  2. Open the navigation menu and click Identity & Security. Under Identity, click Compartments. A list of the compartments in your tenancy is displayed.
  3. Click Create Compartment and create a new compartment (see To create a compartment). Give the compartment a meaningful name (for example, acme-network, acme-functions-compartment) and description. Avoid entering confidential information.