4. Install the Fn Project CLI

Before using Oracle Functions, the Fn Project CLI must be installed in your development environment.

You can install the Fn Project CLI in a number of different ways according to your environment.

The instructions in this topic assume you have already completed the steps in 3. Install Docker for Use with Oracle Functions.

To install the Fn Project CLI:

  1. Log in to your development environment as a functions developer.

  2. Open the README.md file in the fnproject/cli repository on GitHub and follow the appropriate instructions for installing the Fn Project CLI in your development environment. As a convenient overview, the instructions are summarized below:

    • In a MacOS environment using Homebrew, install the Fn Project CLI by entering:

      brew install fn
    • In a Linux or MacOS environment, install the Fn Project CLI by entering:

      curl -LSs https://raw.githubusercontent.com/fnproject/cli/master/install | sh

      If prompted for a password, enter the superuser's password.

    • In a Linux, MacOS, or Windows environment, install the Fn Project CLI by downloading the binary from the Releases page and running it.

  3. In a terminal window, confirm that the CLI has been installed by entering:

    fn version

    Assuming the Fn Project CLI has been installed correctly, you'll see a message indicating the version of the CLI that has been installed.

When you have completed the steps in this topic, go on to 5. Create an Fn Project CLI Context to Connect to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.