Viewing Billing Details

Under Your tenancy <tenancy name>, the Usage section shows a snapshot of your billing and usage. View the subscription ID, total credits amount, and check the remaining balance.

Because subscriptions are commitment-specific, you can view the following for each commitment associated with a particular subscription ID:

  • The credits used against the total. Your remaining balance is the "left" amount.
  • The number of days elapsed in the commitment.

When multiple commitments exist in a subscription, the interface show the multiple active commitments. For example, 1 of 2 is shown for a customer that has two commitments in a subscription.

Click the arrows to page through the active commitments in a subscription. Click the arrows again to page through further commitment details, for cases when multiple subscriptions are present.

The Usage section information can differ whether you are signed in as a parent or child tenancy in an organization:

  • Parent tenancies can see the commitment details for themselves and all child tenancies in the organization that are sharing a subscription. For such a case, you can click the arrows to scroll through and view the credit usage and days elapsed, for both the parent and child tenancies. As a result, the parent tenancy can get a bird's-eye view of all the usage at the commitment level (credit usage and days elapsed) across the entire organization, for every commitment in each subscription.
  • When a child tenancy is signed in, the child tenancy can only see its own commitment details.

To view more detailed cost reporting information, click Analyze costs to go to Cost Analysis. Also see Cost Reporting Integration and Viewing Subscription Details and Costs for more information on organization-based cost reporting. If Cloud Advisor has found any Cost savings opportunities, you can click View recommendations to review them.