Get Started with Oracle Platform Services

This topic helps you get started with Oracle Platform Services on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Oracle Platform Services are not available in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Government Cloud tenancies.

Supported Platform Services

The following platform services are supported on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure:

  • Analytics Cloud
  • API Platform Cloud Service
  • Autonomous Data Warehouse
  • Autonomous Mobile Cloud Enterprise
  • Content Management Cloud
  • Data Hub Cloud Service
  • Data Integration Platform Cloud
  • Database Cloud Service
  • Event Hub Cloud Service
  • Integration
  • Java Cloud Service
  • NoSQL Database Cloud Service
  • SOA Cloud Service
  • Visual Builder

For services that are supported on both Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic, you can choose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure during instance creation by selecting an appropriate region.

Learn About Service-Specific Differences and Workflows

Broadly, the service features are the same regardless of the infrastructure you choose (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic), but differences may exist in some services. And the workflows for creating instances on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure may vary across services.

See the following documentation:

REST API Endpoints for Platform Services

You can use the following URL structure to access the REST API endpoints for a Platform Service:



  • <endpoint_path> is the relative path that defines the REST resource. For a list of available paths, refer to the REST API documentation for the specific service.
  • <rest_server> is the REST server. Choose the REST server based on the region in which your platform service was created. Refer to the following table.
REST Server Regions
  • US East (Ashburn)
  • US West (Phoenix)
  • US West (San Jose)
  • Canada Southeast (Montreal)
  • Canada Southeast (Toronto)
  • France Central (Paris)
  • France South (Marseille)
  • Germany Central (Frankfurt)
  • Italy Northwest (Milan)
  • Israel Central (Jerusalem)
  • Netherlands Northwest (Amsterdam)
  • Saudi Arabia West (Jeddah)
  • South Africa Central (Johannesburg)
  • Sweden Central (Stockholm)
  • Switzerland North (Zurich)
  • UAE Central (Abu Dhabi)
  • UAE East (Dubai)
  • UK South (London)
  • UK West (Newport)
  • Australia East (Sydney)
  • Australia Southeast (Melbourne)
  • India West (Mumbai)
  • India South (Hyderabad)
  • Japan Central (Osaka)
  • Japan East (Tokyo)
  • Singapore (Singapore)
  • South Korea Central (Seoul)
  • South Korea North (Chuncheon)
  • Brazil East (Sao Paulo)
  • Brazil Southeast (Vinhedo)
  • Chile (Santiago)

All regions

<account_name> is your tenant name or cloud account name


All regions

<account_id> is the alphanumeric ID of your tenant name or cloud account

You can find <account_name> or <account_id> in either:

  • The welcome email sent to your cloud account administrator
  • The URL used to access the console for the Platform Service