Tutorial - Launching Your First Linux Instance

In this tutorial you'll learn the basic features of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure by performing some guided steps to launch and connect to an instance. After your instance is up and running, you can optionally create and attach a block volume to your instance.

In this tutorial you will:

  • Create a cloud network and subnet that enables internet access
  • Launch an instance
  • Connect to the instance
  • Add and attach a block volume

The following figure depicts the components you create in the tutorial.

Cloud resources to be created in the tutorial.

Task Flow to Launch an Instance

Linux instances use an SSH key pair instead of a password to authenticate a remote user. If you do not already have a key pair, your first task is to create one using common third-party tools (if you have OpenSSH, you can instead use a key pair that is generated by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure). Next, prepare for your instance by launching a cloud network with subnets. You will then launch your instance into one of the subnets and connect to it. If you want to attach some storage, continue with the tutorial to add a cloud block storage volume. When finished with the tutorial, be sure to terminate the resources that you created.


Launch and connect:

Add storage and clean up: