Renaming a Cloud Account and Tenancy

Use the Rename Tenancy button or My Oracle Services dashboard to rename your cloud account.

When you sign up for Oracle Cloud, you get a cloud account and an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy. Both the cloud account and tenancy have an ID and a name. Oracle assigns the same name to the cloud account and the tenancy, but they each have a unique ID. You need to specify the tenancy name when you sign in to the Console, so that you arrive at the right account. Any programmatic access uses the tenant ID or cloud account ID, not its name. For example:

  • Sample account and tenancy name: "OracleCustomer1"
  • Sample cloud account ID: "cacct-7a26a4exampleuniqueID"
  • Sample tenancy ID: "ocid1.tenancy.oc1..exampleuniqueID"

You can view your cloud account name in the Tenancy Details page. You might need to rename your cloud account if the name that it was initially given is no longer relevant or correct. For example:

  • You created a trial account called MyTrial, and then it became the main account for your company.

  • You had an acquisition that is forcing name changes.

Follow these guidelines for a successful rename:

  • Plan ahead and inform others that you plan on changing the name.
  • Change the name during off-hours to reduce impact on users in your tenancy.
  • Notify personnel who use Oracle Cloud when the rename is complete.

After the account name changes, you can’t use the old name to sign in to the Console. Existing sessions keep working, but new sessions need to use the new name. You also can’t change an account name back to its old name. Furthermore, child tenancies that have been submitted for a delete request and that are pending reactivation (if qualified) cannot be renamed. See Deleting a Tenancy and Terminating a Cloud Account for more information.

You can change your cloud account name using two methods:
  • The My Oracle Services dashboard, which is accessible from the Profile menu's Service User Console option.
  • The Rename Tenancy button available in the Console's the Tenancy Details page.

For the My Oracle Services method, only an Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) cloud account administrator can rename the cloud account. For the Tenancy Details method, only an OCI administrator can do the rename.

When you sign into the Console, two methods for signing in are available: by using the URL, which always uses IDCS, and by using the Console URL. If you use the Console URL to navigate directly to the Console and sign in, the Service User Console menu option isn't available in the Profile menu. Choose the "oraclecloudidentityservice" option when signing in if you're unsure. For more information, see Signing In to the Console.
To change a cloud account name using My Oracle Services
  1. Click the Profile icon and select Service User Console. The My Oracle Services dashboard opens in another browser window.
  2. From the main menu, select Account.
  3. On the Account page, select the Account Management tab.
  4. Next to the Account Name field, click the Rename Account button. This button is only available if you are an IDCS cloud account administrator.
  5. In the Rename Account dialog box, enter the new account name, and click OK.

After you submit the change, it takes about 15 minutes to rename the account. When the rename is complete, the account admin receives an email, which states that you need to use your existing credentials to sign in.

To change a tenancy name on the Tenancy Details page
  1. While signed in as an OCI administrator, open the Tenancy Details page. Otherwise, if not signed in as an administrator, the button is not available.
  2. Click Rename Tenancy. The Rename Tenancy confirmation is displayed.
  3. Enter the new tenancy name in New tenancy name. Confirm the name in Confirm tenancy name. The tenancy name can be a maximum of 25 characters and must start with a letter, and can have lowercase letters or numbers. No spaces or capital letters are allowed. Avoid entering confidential information.
  4. Click Rename Tenancy. A message is displayed at the top of the Tenancy Details page to indicate that the rename is in progress and that you can continue to perform other operations in the Console.

The Tenancy Details page shows the new name when it has completed being changed. While the rename is in progress, the old name is still visible.

The next time signing in to the Console, you must use the new account name when prompted for a cloud account or tenancy name.

When you rename an account, all references to the cloud account name and the tenancy name are updated, including the following names:

  • IDCS instance name
  • Amazon S3 Compatibility API Designated Compartment
  • SWIFT API Designated Compartment

The API Designated Compartment names are listed on the Tenancy Information tab of the Tenancy Details page, under Object Storage Settings. The Object Storage Namespace, also shown in the Object Storage Settings area, is not updated. This name is set as the name for older accounts. Newer accounts have a short random string as the namespace.