Listing Results for a Ping On-Demand Probe

List results for a ping on-demand probe in Health Checks.

On-demand probes are available through SDK, CLI, and API. Results are available a few moments after you create the monitor or on-demand probe. Each result includes the monitoring location (target), vantage points, endpoint availability, and test timestamp.

  • This task can't be performed using the Console.

  • Use the oci health-checks ping-probe-result list command and required parameters to list results for a ping monitor or on-demand probe:

    oci health-checks ping-probe-result list [OPTIONS]

    For a complete list of flags and variable options for CLI commands, see the CLI for Health Checks.

  • Run the ListPingProbeResults operation to list results for a ping monitor or on-demand probe.

    Send an API Request to the Results URL

    1. Get details for the ping on-demand probe.
      Review the response on creation. See Creating a Ping On-Demand Probe.
    2. Find the results URL from the details.
      Example results URL for a ping monitor:
    3. Send a signed API request to the results URL.
      The request must be signed to provide authentication information.