Creating a Query for Health Checks

Define a query for health check metric data (oci_healthchecks).

For an example query, see Example Query and Metric Chart.

For more information about these metrics, see Health Checks Metrics Reference.

For query troubleshooting, see Troubleshooting Queries.

  • To create a user-defined query for health check metric data in the Console, use the Metrics Explorer page.

    These steps show how to create a query in Basic mode. To create a query in Advanced mode (MQL), see Editing the MQL Expression for a Query.

    1. Open the navigation menu and click Observability & Management. Under Monitoring, click Metrics Explorer.
      The Metrics Explorer page displays an empty chart with fields to build a query.
    2. From the Console header, select the region that contains the metric data that you want.
      For more information about regions, see Understand Regions and Working Across Regions.
    3. (Optional) To change the time range for the query, select the range you want from Quick Selects.
      Alternatively, you can define a custom range by specifying the Start time and End time.
    4. Select the metric:
      • Compartment: The compartment containing the resources that you want to monitor. By default, the first accessible compartment is selected.
      • Metric namespace: Select oci_healthchecks.
      • Metric name: Select the metric that you want. For example, select PING.isHealthy
    5. (Optional) To filter returned data by dimension, select a Dimension name and Dimension value.
      For example, to filter by endpoint, select target from Dimension name and then select the value that you want from Dimension value.
    6. Click Update Chart.
    The chart shows the results of the query for the selected compartment and region.

    For information about directly editing MQL expressions or changing queries by using the CLI or API, see Editing the MQL Expression for a Query. For other querying tasks, see Querying Metric Data.

  • Use the oci monitoring metric-data summarize-metrics-data command and required parameters to query metric data. To query Health Checks metrics, set --namespace to oci_healthchecks.

    oci monitoring metric-data summarize-metrics-data [...] --namespace oci_healthchecks

    For a complete list of flags and variable options for CLI commands, see the Command Line Reference for Monitoring.

  • Run the SummarizeMetricsData operation to query metric data. To query Health Checks metrics, set namespace to oci_healthchecks.