Editing a Compartment's Description

Learn how to update a compartment's description in an IAM tenancy.

    1. Open the navigation menu and click Identity & Security. Under Identity, click Compartments.

      A list of the compartments that you have access to in the tenancy is displayed.

    2. Locate the compartment you want to update, click the Actions menu (Actions Menu), and then select Edit Description.
    3. Enter the new description. Avoid entering confidential information.
    4. Click Save.
  • Use the update command and required parameters to update a compartment's name:

    export compartment_id=compartment_ocid # https://docs.cloud.oracle.com/en-us/iaas/tools/oci-cli/latest/oci_cli_docs/cmdref/iam/compartment/update.html#cmdoption-compartment-id
    oci iam compartment update --compartment-id compartment_ocid

    For a complete list of flags and variable options for CLI commands, see the Command Line Reference.

  • Run the UpdateCompartment operation to edit a compartment's description.