Updating or Removing an Account Recovery Factor

If you no longer want to use a specific account recovery factor to recover your account, then you can remove it.

Enable 2-step verification. Users usually enable 2-step verification automatically when they first sign in. However, if your administrator made 2-step verification optional, and you have clicked Skip each time you sign in, you can enable 2-step verification in the My profile console, Security tab. See Activating 2-Step Verification.

If account recovery and MFA have not been enabled by your administrator, you will not see the Security tab. If you have questions about account recovery and MFA for your account, contact your administrator.

If you don't know how to contact your administrator, you can find your administrator's contact information in your original Welcome email.

  1. Click your user avatar (User menu icon), and then select My profile. In the My profile console, click Security.
  2. In the Account recovery options pane, go to the account recovery factor that you want to remove, and the click the Actions menu.

    If you don't see the Actions menu in the pane, then you have not set the account recovery factor.
    1. Select Edit to edit the factor.
    2. Select Remove to remove the factor.