Details for File Storage

Logging details for File Storage logs.

For more information, see Logging for File Storage.


  • mount targets

Log Categories

API value (ID): Console (Display Name) Description
filestorageservice.mounttarget.nfs.logging NFS Logs Mount target NFS logs.


File Storage logging is available in all the regions of the commercial realms.

Contents of a File Storage Log

File Storage logs capture detailed information about requests related to troubleshooting and monitoring. Each log entry contains information such as the time the request was received, error type, and extra details related to the specific error. Details appear as values in the data field. This value is a JSON-formatted data with the following fields.

Property Description
level The level of the log event.
message A summary of the log event.
numberOfOccurances The number of times that this event has occurred.

An Example File Storage Error Log

  "specversion": "1.0",
  "type": "com.oraclecloud.filestorageservice.mounttarget.nfs.logging",
  "source": "..",
  "id": "..",
  "time": "2023-04-10T09:34:54.458Z",
  "oracle": {
    "logid": "ocid1.log.oc1..<unique_ID>",
    "resourceid": "ocid1.mounttarget.oc1..<unique_ID>"
  "data": {
    "level": "ERROR",
    "message": "Public Logging enabled for nfs",
    "numberOfOccurrences": "1"