Details for Integration 3

Logging details for Integration 3 logs.


  • Integration Instance

Log Categories

API value (ID): Console (Display Name) Description
all Activity Stream Includes logging activity and activity tracing (if tracing is enabled).


Integration 3 logging is available in all the regions of the commercial realms.

Contents of an Integration Log

An Integration 3 log record contains the following fields:

Field Description Example
specversion Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Logging schema version. 1.0
type Category of the log. Possible values:
  • Activity Stream
source OCID of the integration instance. ocid1.integrationinstance.oc1.<region_ID>.<unique_ID>
id Unique ID for this log entry. 38c5cc58-f9f6-11eb-bee4-0200170046fa
time Log creation time. 2021-07-10T16:15:59.469Z
oracle.loggroupid OCID of the log group. ocid1.loggroup.oc1.<region_ID>.<unique_ID>
oracle.logid OCID of the service log object. ocid1.log.oc1.<region_ID>.<unique_ID>
oracle.tenantid OCID of the tenancy. ocid1.tenancy.oc1..<unique_ID>
oracle.compartmentid OCID of the compartment that the log group belongs to. ocid1.compartment.oc1..<unique_ID>
oracle.ingestedtime The time the log was ingested by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Logging. 2021-07-10T16:16:01.527Z
data.actionName Name of the logging activity action. log2
data.actionType The type of action, which is always LOG. LOG
data.instanceId ID for one integration/flow execution instance. 65202025
data.integrationFlowIdentifier Integration/Flow name with version. INTEGRATION!01.00.0000
data.message Service log message, which is always a logging activity message. Length of parameter is 4
data.executedTime Time at which the logging activity message was created. 2022-05-13T04:38:37.198Z
data.userId User who executed the integration/flow. <user id>

Sample Integration Log

  "data": {
    "actionName": "log2",
    "actionType": "LOG",
    "instanceId": "LzNL1dULEeyY6kUY7RCV0A",
    "integrationFlowIdentifier": "<integration name>!<integration version>",
    "message": "Length of parameter is 4",
    "executedTime": "2022-05-16T11:27:35.529Z",
    "userId": "<user executed the integration>"
  "id": "2f3965f0-d50b-11ec-99ca-51a13db41dba",
  "oracle": {
    "compartmentid": "ocid1.compartment.oc1..<unique_ID>",
    "ingestedtime": "2022-05-16T11:27:50.354Z",
    "loggroupid": "ocid1.loggroup.oc1.<region_ID>.<unique_ID>",
    "logid": "ocid1.log.oc1.<region_ID>.<unique_ID>",
    "tenantid": "ocid1.tenancy.oc1..<unique_ID>"
  "source": "ocid1.integrationinstance.oc1.<region_ID>.<unique_ID>",
  "specversion": "1.0",
  "time": "2022-05-16T11:27:50.000Z",
  "type": "com.oraclecloud.integration.integrationinstance.activitystream"