Agent Configuration Management

Learn about how to create and manage agent configurations.

You can perform the following agent configuration tasks:
To use agent configurations, you must be running an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure instance with the supported operating system (see Agent Management Overview). Agent configurations give you a central experience to easily configure what custom logs you want to ingest across your fleet of hosts. A configuration allows you to select:
  • Which hosts you want to collect logs from.
  • Exactly which logs you want to ingest from those hosts.
  • A log group/log destination.
You can manage agent configurations using the Console and Logging API. In addition, since you can choose to create an agent configuration later after creating a custom log, you can use the Agent Configurations page to set up the agent configuration and point it to your custom log.
To enable or disable an existing agent configuration
  1. Open the navigation menu and click Observability & Management. Under Logging, click Agent Configurations. The Agent Configurations page is displayed.
  2. Under List Scope, Compartment, choose a compartment you have permission to work in.
  3. Click the linked agent configuration name under Name in the table. The agent configuration detail page is displayed.
  4. Click Disable/Enable. A confirmation dialog is displayed regarding the disabling or enabling of the agent configuration.
  5. Confirm by clicking Disable/Enable. The agent configuration detail page changes its status and displays Inactive (for a disabled configuration), or Active (for an enabled configuration) in the status field, both on the agent configuration detail page and the Agent Configurations page.

    From the main Agent Configurations page, for the agent configuration you want to disable/enable, you can also click the the Actions menu (Actions Menu), and then click Disable/Enable.