Removing an IPv6 Prefix from a Subnet

Remove an IPv6 prefix from a subnet in a virtual cloud network (VCN).

After a subnet has an IPv6 prefix assigned to it, it must always have at least one IPv6 prefix assigned to it. This means that you might need to add another IPv6 prefix before you can remove an IPv6 prefix. See Adding an IPv6 Prefix to a Subnet.

    1. Open the navigation menu, click Networking, and then click Virtual cloud networks.
    2. Click the name of the VCN that contains the subnet.
    3. Click the name of the subnet.
    4. Under Resources, click IPv6 Prefixes.
    5. Click the Actions menu (Actions Menu) for the subnet, and select Unassign.
  • Use the network subnet remove-ipv6-subnet-cidr command and required parameters to remove an IPv6 prefix from a subnet:

    oci network subnet remove-ipv6-subnet-cidr --ipv6-cidr-block ipv6-prefix --subnet-id ocid ... [OPTIONS]

    For a complete list of parameters and values for CLI commands, see the CLI Command Reference.

  • Run the RemoveIpv6SubnetCidr operation to remove an IPv6 prefix from a subnet.