Creating a Topic

Create a topic in Notifications.

    1. Open the navigation menu and click Developer Services. Under Application Integration, click Notifications.
    2. On the Topics page, select the compartment that you want to create the topic in.
    3. Click Create Topic.
    4. In the Create Topic panel, enter a user-friendly name and an optional description for the topic.
      The name is required and must be unique across the tenancy. Validation is case-sensitive. The description is optional. Avoid entering confidential information.
    5. (Optional) Under Show advanced options, enter one or more tags for the topic.
      If you have permissions to create a resource, then you also have permissions to apply free-form tags to that resource. To apply a defined tag, you must have permissions to use the tag namespace. For more information about tagging, see Resource Tags. If you're not sure whether to apply tags, skip this option or ask an administrator. You can apply tags later. For more information, see Tagging a Topic at Creation.
    6. Click Create.
  • Use the oci ons topic create command and required parameters to create a topic:

    oci ons topic create --compartment-id <compartment_OCID> --name <name>

    For a complete list of parameters and values for CLI commands, see the Command Line Reference for Notifications.

  • Run the CreateTopic operation to create a topic.