Unsubscribing a Subscription from a Topic

Unsubscribe a subscription from a topic in Notifications.

You can alternatively delete the subscription.

Using Email

These steps are for unsubscribing an email subscription. Every message sent out as email contains a link to unsubscribe from the related topic.

In the email message, click the link to unsubscribe.

Using SMS

These steps are for unsubscribing an SMS subscription.


This method of unsubscribing is available from recipient phone numbers that use the +1 country code only. For a recipient phone number in another country code, delete the subscription instead. To find the subscription in the Console, search the Console for the subscription OCID. This OCID is included in the confirmation URL that was sent when the subscription was created.
Reply to the received SMS message with the following text.
unsubscribe <short-topic-id>

<short-topic-id> is the short code of the topic that the SMS subscription was added to. The short code is used to identify the topic in messages sent to SMS subscriptions. Each short code contains six case-insensitive alphanumeric characters.