Listing Object Storage Objects in a Bucket

View a list of the objects in an Object Storage bucket.

    1. Open the navigation menu and click Storage. Under Object Storage & Archive Storage, click Buckets.
    2. Select the compartment from the list under List Scope. All buckets in that compartment are listed in tabular form.
    3. Click the bucket whose objects you want to list. The bucket's Details page appears.
    4. Click Objects under Resources. The Objects list appears. All objects are listed in tabular form.
  • Use the oci os object list command and required parameters to list the objects in a bucket:

    oci os object list --bucket-name bucket_name [OPTIONS]

    By default, a minimal number of fields are returned for each object. For example:

    oci os object list --namespace MyNamespace --bucket-name MyBucket
      "data": [
          "etag": "7588e71f-433f-4518-ba2d-90082208bd5d",
          "md5": "As+3syaEbvMhPm8fM+DSAw==",
          "name": "eventslogreference.htm",
          "size": 13515,
          "storage-tier": "InfrequentAccess",
          "time-created": "2021-01-11T15:47:44.427000+00:00",
          "time-modified": "2021-01-11T15:47:44.441000+00:00"
          "etag": "833c7099-f74e-4ce5-a7c8-ffa29a112d88",
          "md5": "JI9YzxOg5HsbPSANkTVy8g==",
          "name": "flowlogreference.htm",
          "size": 16601,
          "storage-tier": "Archive",
          "time-created": "2021-01-11T15:47:44.617000+00:00",
          "time-modified": "2021-01-11T15:47:44.638000+00:00"
          "etag": "3b833478-87c5-49f1-8bb4-f33b66c2758a",
          "md5": "skstBGw3YcHBomI6X/YwEA==",
          "name": "objectstoragelogreference.htm",
          "size": 18631,
          "storage-tier": "Standard",
          "time-created": "2021-01-11T20:50:48.996000+00:00",
          "time-modified": "2021-01-11T20:50:49.019000+00:00"
      "prefixes": []

    For a complete list of parameters and values for CLI commands, see the CLI Command Reference.

  • Run the ListObjects operation to list the objects in a bucket.

    Object Storage prepends the Object Storage namespace string and bucket name to the object name when constructing a URL for use with the API:


    The object name is everything after the /o/, which could include hierarchy levels and prefix strings.