Restoring a Deleted Object

Recover a deleted object to an Object Storage bucket.

When versioning is enabled, deleting an object without targeting a specific version creates a delete marker, and you can recover the previous version of the object. A deleted object only appears in the Objects list when the Show Deleted Object feature is selected. Any deleted objects listed have (Deleted Object) next to the object entry name. Expand the deleted object's version list and look for the version with (Delete Marker) next to it. Restore a deleted object version by removing that delete marker. If a previous version exists, that version becomes the live object.


Versioning must be enabled for an Object Storage bucket at the time of the object's uploading. Objects deleted from a bucket with versioning disabled or suspended can't be recovered.

Using the Console

  1. Open the navigation menu and click Storage. Under Object Storage & Archive Storage, click Buckets.
  2. Select the compartment from the list under List Scope. All buckets in that compartment are listed in tabular form.
  3. Click the bucket whose deleted object you want to restore. The bucket's Details page appears.
  4. Click Objects under Resources. The Objects list appears. All folders and objects are listed in tabular form.
  5. Select Show Deleted Objects. Any deleted objects, including folders and subfolders, appear.
  6. Navigate to the object that you want to recover.
  7. Click the down arrow (Show Object Versions) next to the object entry. The list of versions of the object appears. The latest version appears at the top of the list and displays (Latest Version).
  8. Click the Actions menu (Actions Menu) next to the delete marker of the object, and then click Delete.
  9. Confirm deletion when prompted.

The object version listed after the one whose delete marker you removed becomes the restored object.