Services Reference

This section describes how to find Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Resource Manager reference information and lists supported services.

This topic provides a reference of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services that Resource Manager supports.

Full Reference Documentation

The full reference of the resources and data sources supported by Resource Manager contains usage, argument, and attribute details. The full reference is available at and Terraform Registry.

Data sources and resources are grouped by service within the reference.

The Deprecated Resources reference lists the resources and data sources marked for deprecation by the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Terraform provider.

Supported Services

The following table lists the services supported by the OCI Terraform provider and the services supported by the resource discovery feature. This list also includes the values accepted by resource discovery's services parameter.


Resource discovery may not be available for all services that Resource Manager supports.
Supported OCI service Resource discovery support Resource discovery services parameter
Account Management (Billing and Subscriptions) No N/A
Analytics Cloud Yes analytics
Announcements Yes announcements_service
Anomaly Detection Yes ai_anomaly_detection
API Gateway Yes apigateway
Application Dependency Management Yes adm
Application Performance Monitoring Yes apm
Application Performance Monitoring (Synthetic Monitoring) Yes apm_synthetics
Application Performance Monitoring (Configuration) Yes apm_config
Artifact Registry (Generic Artifacts Content API) Yes artifacts
Audit No N/A
Autonomous Recovery Service Yes recovery
Autoscaling (Compute) Yes auto_scaling
Bastion Yes bastion
Big Data Service Yes bds
Blockchain Platform Yes blockchain
Budgets Yes budget
Cache with Redis Yes redis
Certificates Yes certificates_management
Oracle Cloud Bridge Yes cloud_bridge
Cloud Guard Yes cloud_guard
Oracle Cloud Migrations Yes cloud_migrations
Compute Cloud@Customer Yes compute_cloud_at_customer
Connector Hub Yes sch
Container Engine for Kubernetes Yes containerengine
Content Management Yes oce
Core Services (Networking, Compute, Block Volume) Yes core
Cost Analysis (Usage API, Usage Proxy API) Yes metering_computation, usage_proxy
Data Catalog Yes datacatalog
Data Flow Yes dataflow
Data Integration Yes dataintegration
Data Labeling Yes data_labeling_service
Data Safe Yes data_safe
Data Science Yes datascience
Database Yes database
Database Management Yes database_management
Database Migration Yes database_migration
Database Tools Yes database_tools
DevOps Yes devops
Digital Assistant Yes oda
DNS Service Yes dns
Document Understanding Yes ai_document
Email Delivery Yes email, email_tenancy
Events Yes events
FastConnect No N/A
File Storage Yes file_storage
Full Stack Disaster Recovery Yes disaster_recovery
Functions Yes functions
Fusion Applications Environment Management Yes fusion_apps
Generative AI Yes generative_ai
GoldenGate Yes golden_gate
Health Checks Yes health_checks
IAM Yes identity, identity_data_plane, availability_domain
Identity Domains Yes identity_domains
Integration Cloud Yes integration
Java Management Yes jms
Key Management (for the Vault service) Yes kms
Language Yes ai_language
License Manager Yes license_manager
Limits Yes limits
Load Balancer Yes load_balancer
Logging Yes logging
Logging Analytics Yes log_analytics
Management Agent Yes management_agent
Management Dashboard No N/A
Marketplace Yes marketplace
Media Services Yes media_services
Monitoring Yes monitoring
MySQL Heatwave Yes mysql
Network Firewall Yes network_firewall
Network Load Balancer Yes network_load_balancer
NoSQL Database Cloud Yes nosql
Notifications Yes ona
Object Storage Yes object_storage
OCI Control Center Yes capacity_management
Ops Insights Yes opsi
Operator Access Control (Database) Yes operator_access_control
Optimizer Yes optimizer
OS Management (including Resource Monitoring Management Agent Plugin) Yes osmanagement
OS Management Hub Yes os_management_hub
OCI Database with PostgreSQL Yes psql
Process Automation Yes opa
Queue Yes queue
Registry (Artifacts and Container Images API) Yes artifacts
Resource Manager Yes resourcemanager
Search with OpenSearch Yes opensearch
Secrets (for the Vault service) No N/A
Service Manager Proxy (Applications Console) No N/A
Service Mesh Yes service_mesh
Streaming Yes streaming
Tagging Yes tagging
Vision Yes ai_vision
Visual Builder Yes visual_builder
Visual Builder Studio Yes vbs_inst
Oracle Cloud VMware Solution Yes ocvp
Vault Yes vault
Vulnerability Scanning Yes vulnerability_scanning
Web Application Acceleration Yes waa
Web Application Firewall (WAF) Yes waas, waf