Debugging a Job (Generating Detailed Log Content)

Debug a job by generating detailed log content. Detailed log content is generated for a job when you specify the verbosity to use, such as ERROR.

For more information, see Debugging Terraform.

    1. Open the panel for running a job on the stack.
    2. Specify the verbosity to use when generating Terraform detailed log content for this job: Under Show advanced options, select a value for Detailed log level.
      Default: None (no detailed log content is generated).
    3. Run the job.
  • Use the command and required parameters for the type of job you want to run, and specify verbosity in JSON input for --terraform-advanced-options to generate Terraform detailed log content for the job.

    oci resource-manager job <command> --stack-id <stack_ocid> --terraform-advanced-options <json_input>

    For example, to generate Terraform detailed log content at the debug verbosity level when running a plan job, use the oci resource-manager job create-plan-job command, with the following JSON input for --terraform-advanced-options.

    oci resource-manager job create-plan-job --stack-id <stack_ocid> --terraform-advanced-options '{"detailedLogLevel": "DEBUG", "parallelism": 20, "isRefreshRequired": true}'

    For a complete list of flags and variable options for CLI commands, see the Command Line Reference for Resource Manager.

  • Use the CreateJob operation to generate Terraform detailed log content when running a job.

    When defining jobOperationDetails (CreateJobOperationDetails in CreateJobDetails, specify the detailedLogLevel attribute (severity) in TerraformAdvancedOptions.